The Tarrer Inn

Historic Bed  & Breakfast

The Ghost of Ms. Ollie Sutton


Mrs. Ollie Lofton Sutton was a long time resident of the Hotel (Room #4) on the Square and some say her ghost still resides there. “Miss Ollie” was born in Baker County in 1881 to Dr. Giles O. Lofton. She married Neil Sutton and moved to the Corea community in Early County. When she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful to her, she had a hired man hitch up a horse to the surrey and she drove to Arlington. She cashed a $20 check on her Father and rode the train to Jacksonville, FL. She did not notify the family of her whereabouts until she had gotten a job and was able to support herself. She became the nurse companion to a retired Naval officer and traveled throughout the U. S. and Cuba with him. When he died she moved back to Colquitt and scandalized her friends with her dyed hair and cigarette smoking. She lived in the hotel until she died in 1978.


At 94 years old, in 1975, she was interviewed by the Atlanta Constitution and in an article published by the newspaper, she stated that she did an hour of exercises every day, including calisthenics, and 20 minutes of eye exercises. Her drivers’ license had been renewed for five more years. She did not believe in taking medicine because her Father had taught her that medicine was for giving, not taking. She had never had a cold in her entire life. Her philosophy was to simply keep on, keeping on, and not give up.  Maybe her dauntless spirit is the ghost seen regularly by discerning guests at the top of the stairs at the Tarrer Inn.


Guests and staff tell stories of strange happenings that they attribute to “Miss Ollie.” The staff tell stories of cups flying off display tables and landing on floor with a bang, but not breaking,  as well as stories of  the  phone in Miss Ollie’s room being lit up even though no guest was in that room. Another incident happened when an air freshener flew off the stairs and broke the glass top of a hall tree in the foyer.


Many guests, adults and children have had a glimpse out of the corner of their eye of Miss Ollie’s presence. Visit us at Tarrer Inn and we will introduce you to Miss Ollie, but you must believe and not doubt that she is present.